Maroa-Forsyth School Archives

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Donation Information

The Maroa-Forsyth School Archives collects and holds resources relating to the history of the Maroa-Forsyth School District, schools which consolidated to form the district, and materials from the Maroa community and surrounding rural areas.

If you have materials which you would like to donate, please contact us at Maroa-Forsyth School Archives or the Maroa-Forsyth High School.

Suggested donation items include:

Artifacts of school life: such as sporting memorobilia, uniforms, texts books

Records and artifacts of extracurricular or non-profits: such as documents regarding M-Club, MF School Foundation, National Honor Society, scholarship programs

Printed records: class lists, school records, yearbooks, announcements, Macon County School Directories

Written records: early school register books, meeting notes, class records

Audio/Visual materials: photographs, negatives, VHS tapes, miniDV tapes

Records about individuals or families with a clear connection to the Maroa-Forsyth School District, Maroa community, or one of the historically-associated consolidated schools

Personal papers of teachers, students, coaches, or staff that have a connection to the school district

Books by or about individuals who have a connection to the school: books about Maroa, Forsyth, and the surrounding rural areas, and books relating to central Illinois

On occasion, the Archives may use donated funds to acquire school or community-related materials which are for sale.

The Archives is always grateful to receive suitable donations from former students, teachers, coaches, families, community members, staff; however, we reserve the right to refuse donations or suggest alternative archival repositories.

The Archives will not accept any items in which the physical state precludes safe storage.

The Archives reserves the right to weed donated materials according to space limitataions, duplicate materials, and items which fall outside collection scope. For donated collections and papers, the donor will be contacted if we do not wish to keep an object.

Conservation and repair work will be left to the discretion of the archivist.

Copyright of all items will be transferred to the Maroa-Forsyth School District through the Deed of Gift Form.


1 Maroa High School. The Trojanaire [Yearbook]. Maroa, Illinois, 1954, p. 1p.

Historical items have been made available to the community for research and study purposes and to satisfy curiosity. Due to the nature of the colloquialisms, culture, attitude, and/or political climate of the various time periods represented, some content may be deemed “inappropriate" if viewed outside of its historical context. In addition, the newspapers, logos, branding, and other publication identifiers are the trademarks of the newspapers and other publishers. Our use of newspaper content contained in this archive in no way implies an affiliation with, or endorsement from, the publisher. Included photos have been identified from owner's notatations or through community members. If you believe there has been an error in identification of any materials, please email the Maroa-Forsyth School Archives.