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Maroa-Forsyth District Superintendents

The position of District Superintendent was created with the formation of the Maroa-Forsyth Unit School District in 1948. Orginally, the same person who was the high school principal also functioned as the superintendent.

The 1962-63 school year is the first year in which the positions of superintendent and high school principal are separate.

W. Dayton Keyes

W. Dayton Keyes, Jr.

John Kitowski

John E. Kitowski

Melvin Nicol

Melvin Nicol

Milo Watson

Milo Watson

Robert Paxson

Robert A. Paxson

Richard Irvin

Richard Irvin

Steve Stenger

Steve Stenger

Mike Williams Image

Mike Williams

John Ahlemeyer Image

John Ahlemeyer

Kris Kahler Image

Kris Kahler

Jeffrey Holmes Image

Jeffrey Holmes
Co-Interim 2023/24

Leo Johnson Image

Leo Johnson
Co-Interim 2023/24

Early Superintendents

In early school history, the word superintendent and principal were, at times, used interchangeably. At some dates, the principal and the superintendent were the same person; at other times, the positions were separate. Additionally, during some periods, the superintendent was in charge of the 8 one-room schoolhouses in the Maroa area (see the Decatur Daily Herald July 9, 1910, p. 6.).

After the 1919-1920 school year, the superintendent listed each year in the Illinois School Directory is the high school principal.

Establishing if and when the superintendent position was separate from the principal was not always clear. Best attempts were made to list appropriate information below. See notes section for sources.

  • Fall 1898 through Spring 1902 — William Fry
  • 1902-1907 — unknown
  • 1907-1909 — D. Frank Fawcett
  • 1909-1910 — no superintendent listed
  • 1910-1912 — John McLeod
  • 1912-1913 — R. H. Perrott
  • 1913-1915 — Leona F. Bowman
  • 1915-1917 — Lee R. Blohm
  • 1917-1918 — Robert J. Robinson (resisigned in December 1917 due to illness)
  • 1918-1919 — S. T. Walker
  • 1919-1920 — Roy Steele

  • Notes

    Superintendents were verified through Maroa-Forsyth High School yearbooks, when available.

    Additional resource for information from 1856 through 1901: Catalogue and Course of Study of the Public Schools of Maroa, Macon Co. Ill. Maroa Board of Education, 1901. See notes below for additional citations. The term "superintendent" is first used in the Catalogue and Course of Study of the Public Schools of Maroa, Macon Co. Ill. in 1898, and it appears that, originally, the superintendent position was over just the Maroa 1st through 12th grade buildings.

    William Fry: (1) Catalogue and Course of Study of the Public Schools of Maroa, 1901. NOTE: Superintendent and high school principal were the same position during this time.

    D. Frank Fawcett: (1)Herald and Review, Decatur, Illinois, 1907 June 5, p. 2. (2) Illinois School Directory 1909-1910, Circular 40. Journal Co., State Printers, Springfield, ILL. 1909. NOTES: Superintendent and high school principal were the same position during this time. In the 1909/10 Illinois School Directory, the principal and superintendent spots are reversed and show D. Frank Fawcett as only the principal, wiht the superintendent's section blank.

    John McLeod: (1)Herald and Review, Decatur, Illinois, 1910 May 16, p. 5, announced that W. J. Browning was the new superintendnet; however in the Decatur Daily Herald, Decatur, Illinois, 1910 July 9, p 6, it is announced that J. McLeod will actually be filling the position. (2) Illinois School Directory 1910-11, Circular 54. Illinois State Journal Co., State Printers, Springfield, ILL. 1910, p. 78 shows J. McLeod in the position. (3) Decatur Herald, May 20, 1911, p. 10.

    R. H. Perrott: (1)Illinois School Directory, 1912-1913, Circular 67, Francis G. Blair, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Illinois State Journal Co., State Printers, 1912, p. 86.

    Leona F. Bowman: (1)Decatur Daily Herald, Decatur, Illinois, July 4, 1913. (2) Illinois School Directory 1914-1915, Circular 81. Compiled by A. L. Whittenberg, Illinois State Journal Co., State Printers, 1914, p. 46. (3) Oracle [Maroa High School yearbook], The News Times, Maroa, Illinois, 1914.

    Lee R. Blohm: (1) Decatur Herald, May 4, 1916, p 11. (2) Illinios School Directory 1915-1916, p. 54. (3) Decatur Herald June 17, 1917, p. 31. (4) Illinois School Directory 1916-1917, Circular 106. Compiled by Charles Henry Saylor. Schnepp and Barnes State Printers, 1916.

    Robert J. Robinson: (1) Decatur Herald, December 9, 1917, p. 8. (2) Illinois school directory 1917-1918, Circular 125. Compiled by Charles Henry Sayer, Schnepp and Barnes State Printers, p 33.

    S. T. Walker: (1) Illinois School Directory, 1918-1919, Circular 133. Compiled by Charles Henry Saylor, Schnepp and Barnes State Printers, 1918, p. 32.

    Roy Steele: (1) Illinois School Directory, Circular 141. Compiled by Charles Henry Saylor, Illinois Printing Co., Danville, 1919.

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