Maroa-Forsyth School Archives

District Employees with
20+ Years of Service

We at Maroa-Forsyth have always taken pride in our Tradition of Excellence. We have been entrusted by our community and our predecessors to uphold this tradition, and it drives us to serve our students.

A Tradition of Excellence is not achieved in one year, one decade, or even by any one person, but through the constant sustained efforts of every employee in our district.

Proudly, we recognize and show appreciation for faculty and staff who have served the students of Maroa-Forsyth and those who built our Tradition of Excellence.*

--Dr. Kris Kahler, Superintendent, 2022

50 Years or More

Ted Dine (52 years)

45-49 Years

Jack Haines

40-44 Years

Diane Daggett
Dana Dale
Mary Koonce
Kathleen Zimmerman

35-39 Years

Betty Coen
Fran Currie
Earline Leinweber
Effie Mikesell
Melvin Nichols
Darlene Olmstead
Lorene Weikle

30-34 Years

Debbie Bates
Debby Beal
Dennis Campbell
Rosanne Corey
Marsha Cuttill-Price
Marilee Didde
Joyce Dunham
Karen Gipson
Dave Luster
Leroy Mills
Mary Olmstead
Janet Peasley
Sue Scherer
Nelson "Red" Smith, Sr.
Patricia Tate
Carolyn Thompson
Brenda Zombro

25-29 Years

Karen Albers
Russell Aldridge
Eubie Alexander
Chris Batchelder
Florence Berry
Amy Clawson
Ron Gossman
Mansel Guyer
Adele Hamilton
Kathy Hans
Ruth Hoyland
Sharon Johnson
W. Dayton Keyes
Jerry Kuykendall
Tina Leach
Margaret Marlatt
Evelyn Morgan
Kathryn Nisbet
Kathy Parish
Carl Reynolds
Robert Ritter
Judy Rocen
Kathy Sharp
Toni Shoemaker
Janie Sill
Jennifer Stout
Anna Vest
Becky Younker
David Yundt

20-24 Years

Scott Adreon
Desiree Barrett
Deb Bland
Walter Boyd
Chad Cluver
Doris Dotson
Lori Ekena
Connie Hall
Cindy Hanes
Phl Hardin
Cindy Holmes
Connie Hopp
Richard Irvin
Deb Johnson
Elaine Kottke
Charlotte McGuire
Kathy Marsh
Randy Massey
Mildred Peart
Edd Powers
Jane Purvis
Edna Rogers
Mary Rohrscheib
Gloria Rose
Sandy Smith
Fred Thompson
Helen Walters

*While the Archives has tried to be thorough in researching this list, employees may have been overlooked. If you or a family member worked more than twenty years in the district and are not on the list, please send an email to with your name and number of years worked in the Maroa-Forsyth District.

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