Maroa-Forsyth School Archives

Maroa Community Newspapers

The School Archives is in possesion of a few copies of old Maroa newspapers. These are fairly large files and may take a few extra moments to load.

  • 1885 Newspaper fragments - These newspaper fragmens were found found with George Waller's 1885 diploma.
  • 1896 December 19 Maroa Times
  • 1920 December 9 Maroa News-Times
  • 1942 June 25 Maroa News-Times
  • 1951 July 5 Maroa Post
  • 1953 February 26 Maroa Post
  • 1954 September 23 Maroa Post - Section 1
  • 1954 September 23 Maroa Post - Section 2
  • 1955 April 14 Maroa Post
  • 1955 June 9 Maroa Post

  • Historical items have been made available to the community for research and study purposes and to satisfy curiosity. Due to the nature of the colloquialisms, culture, attitude, and/or political climate of the various time periods represented, some content may be deemed “inappropriate" if viewed outside of its historical context. In addition, the newspapers, logos, branding, and other publication identifiers are the trademarks of the newspapers and other publishers. Our use of newspaper content contained in this archive in no way implies an affiliation with, or endorsement from, the publisher. Included photos have been identified from owner's notatations or through community members. If you believe there has been an error in identification of any materials, please email the Maroa-Forsyth School Archives.