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Maroa Grade School, 1890Maroa Grade School students, 1890 1

School Consolidations

During the school consolidations occuring in 1947 and 1948, the following rural Macon County schools became part of the newly formed Maroa School District: 2

American School - 1874-1952
Center Ridge School - 1860-1947
Excelsior North -
Fair Play School - c. 1874-1950
Flood School - c. 1880-1947
Forsyth Grade School - 1864-Current
Harmony North School - 1896-1948
Hickory Point School - c. 1861-1954
Independence School District - c. 1880-1936
Model School - 1909-1949
Parker School - c. 1890-1944
Pleasant View North School - 1868-1948
Pleasant Valley - c. 1880-1934
Upper Ridge School - 1856-1954

In addition, these Dewitt County schools consolidated into Maroa District as well:

Blue - c. 1872-1948
Randall -
Willow Lane - c. 1881-1947

Images of these schools and their students can be viewed on the MFSchoolArchives Rural Schools Omeka page.

The MF School Archives holds records from several of these rural schools including Center Ridge School's District Ledger 1892-1902, Hickory Point Grade School records from 1925-1954, and Pleasant View Ledger books from 1923-1929.

For additional information regarding these rural schools, see Rural Schools of Macon County. Edited by Florence Scott White, Macon County Historical Society, Decatur, Illinois, 1978.

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Front Row: Rex Funk, Fred Reining, Fred Young, Carlos Moore, Bert Phillips, Chase Trowbridge, Ruby Williams, Ada Lowe, Goldie Cooper, Sadie Jones (Link), Amy Funk, Nellie Meeks, Andrew Luallen. Middle Row: Lee Kempshall, Nettie Ferree, Mamie Snow, ? Brintlinger, Draxie Smelz (App), Nora Alberty, Ora Davis, Agnes Schenck (Slater), A. Cooper, Emma Bogle (Morgan), Pearl Ludwick, Lottie Reining (Ritter), Vernon Gessamon, Iva Bowden (Malone). Back row not listed.

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