Maroa-Forsyth School Archives

Blue and Gold HeaderThe first Maroa High School student newspaper, Blue and Gold1

Student Newspaper Collection

The MF School Archives holds collections of both high school and middle school newspapers:

High School Newspapers:

Blue & Gold – "The general purpose of the Blue and Gold is to aquaint the people of the community, especially the parents, with the activities of school life. During the year seven copies are issued. They cover both seriousness and fun in school life and advertise for local merchants as well as outsiders...The pictures taken were candid shots of teachers and pupils in action. By advertisement, subscription, and outside money taken in for each issue, the Blue and Gold has been able to carry on its work" [typographical corrections made]. 2

The Archives houses the majority of Blue and Gold issues from 1930-1960. Selected Blue and Gold images can be found on the MF School Archives' Flickr page.

Click on the school year below to access available issues and to access digitzed student newspaper images - more issues will be loaded as they are scanned. (Note: although optimized, files may take longer load)

Junior High/Middle School Newspapers:

MFJH News – The Archives houses 7 issues from 1986-1989.

Trojan Times – 10 issues from school years 1995-1997.

Trojan Tribune – The Archives holds 5 issues from 1997-1999.

The Blue and Gold Review – There are 4 issues from 1999-2002 in the Archives.


1 Blue and Gold [student newspaper]. Maroa High School, October 1930, p. 1. MF School Archives, Student Newspaper Collection, Box 20xx.01/1.1, 1930-1931 School Year, October.

2 Maroa High School. Miracle [Yearboo]. Maroa, Illinois, 1939.

Historical items have been made available to the community for research and study purposes and to satisfy curiosity. Due to the nature of the colloquialisms, culture, attitude, and/or political climate of the various time periods represented, some content may be deemed “inappropriate" if viewed outside of its historical context. In addition, the newspapers, logos, branding, and other publication identifiers are the trademarks of the newspapers and other publishers. Our use of newspaper content contained in this archive in no way implies an affiliation with, or endorsement from, the publisher. Included photos have been identified from owner's notatations or through community members. If you believe there has been an error in identification of any materials, please email the Maroa-Forsyth School Archives.